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  • March 27, 2018

    8 Effective Tips To Keep Yourself Away From Ponzi Schemes

    Making money is one of the reasons why investors are attracted to the stock market. But, on the other hand, Ponzi schemes may entice individuals to earn something extra apart from the monthly salary. As the schemes become popular across the various regions of the country, the financial lives of investors are definitely at risk. So, so here are some tips to check for fraudulent schemes.

    Higher Returns

    You should actually read between the lines with the scheme is promising you higher returns. For instance, if you come across a jeweler that promises you as much as Rs. 26 lakh against an initial investment of Rs.13,000, then you should think twice before getting involved in the scheme. You might not perceive anything wrong, but you would be put up in a big risk.

    Doubtful Business Model

    If you have to go through the operations of the Ponzi scheme, then it could simply mean robbing one person after another. As the person makes an investment, he is promised with a reward only after he has recruited more members. Such scheme usually collapses as the promoters run away with the money. Therefore, it is important to go through the business model carefully before being a part of the network.

    Unknown Company

    Before going for a scheme, you should be sure about the company and its credibility. If that is not the case, then you would be investing your hard- earned money into an organization which you have never heard before. Therefore, before planning to invest, you should make sure that the company has a good track record, it has been making profits and has never been listed under scams. A step further, you could do some online research to gather information about the company as well as the scheme.

    Reputation Of Promoters

    Apart from a diligent research, you should always check the record of promoters. These should not only be involved in a fraud but also be confident in delivering promises. If you are unable to find information, then you should surf the internet. You check the social networking site to know about the person whom you are going to deal with.

    Registration Requirements

    If you are thinking to invest in a non-banking finance company, then the first step should be to check whether the organization is registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Moreover, even if the company is authorized to run the financial business, does not mean that the deposits are repaid on time. Do also keep in mind that the end NBFCs are not permitted to run the business by stating the name of RBI in any way.


    Non-banking companies should always be recognized for a minimum investment grade credit rating. This has to be taken into consideration when such companies are ready to accept deposits. In case if that's not the situation, then it is quite risky to invest in such organizations.

    Terms & Conditions

    Before taking a final call, you should always go through the terms and conditions carefully. This would surely help you to know whether there are any hidden charges when someone receives the commission. Besides, understanding the terms can always drive away the confusion and rule out major discrepancies.

    Don’t Be Hasty

    Finally, you should check the reputation of the management team and every regulation before making an investment decision. Even though everything might be crystal clear, there is always a little risk of insolvency. Hence, if you eager to earn higher returns, then you should spend money only if you have saved something extra in your bank account.

    In one of the cases, the regulator had found it tough to take any action since the group was not registered with the RBI. Therefore, it is better when the state government officials are proactive to control the consequences of the scam.

  • January 2, 2018

    Tips to Start your Own Business Even With a Low Budget

    In this challenging environment, starting a business is full of risk, but in case you can start one without any big investment, you can find it simpler to stay calm. A low-cost business idea is a wonderful way to experiment with a new venture without making a big profit instantly.

    Doesn’t matter, big or small business, every new business needs a solid plan, and always it will be tough to tell if a new concept will be successful once it has not been tested in your objective market. But it is worthy to have the liberty to take risks and make errors in a comparatively economical environment. So, when you have some early success indicators, you can prepare a plan to go up, get bigger, and make it a permanent job.

    Here we are sharing some tips to start your own business with low budget:

    Try Freelance Field

    Do you know your experience and skill? It is confirm that if you will start business according to your experience and skill then you will get sure success. Like, if you are good in cooking, then catering business is a good idea.

    Become an Assistant

    You can become an assistant and make someone else’s life simpler. In this business, you can promote your skill to tackle the important tasks of busy customers. The work of an assistant is mixed and changing every day. You can be requested to do different tasks, from managing small get-togethers and events, preparing a schedule and many more. Today, there are many busy people that looking helping hand, so you can get profit from this business.

    Event Management

    Are you organized, A type personality? In case yes, then you can start thinking about your own business. You can share your abilities as an experienced event manager, and it is really good option. It doesn’t matter, you are taking on parties, lunches, larger events or engagements, assisting people make their events successful is a wonderful way to start your own business.

    Think About Cleaning Business

    If you are a hard worker and eager to spend time to make shine offices and homes of people. You can start your cleaning business with very reasonable amount. This business has comparatively flexible timings, so your business plan must hold you being able to work for different customers and still keep a comparatively relaxed schedule.